Introducing the all-new CHiQ C5L LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner

CHiQ products are exhaustively researched and designed with details and functionalities that allow them to work smarter for their owners, optimizing their valuable time and energy for what matters most: living a healthier, higher-quality life with their loved ones. 


We are thus proud to announce our latest entry into the CHiQ product line: The CHiQ C5L LDS Robot Vacuum CleanerThe C5L LDS is packed with state-of-the-art features that make it a smarter time-saving way to keep your floors clean while you spend your time on more important things. 

The LDS” in the C5L LDS name stands for Laser Distance Sensor, a top-mounted LIDAR range sensor that spins at six rotations per second. The sensor has a 6m scanning radius that feeds information into the C5Ls processing chip that uses its 3D SLAM algorithm to draw an accurate map of your floor. The algorithm analyzes the map to calculate the most efficient route through your home. The C5L LDS then uses its 26 additional sensors to deftly move through your home, cleaning every corner of your floors while avoiding any obstacles, be they furniture, clothing, feet, or pets. 


Speaking of pets--the C5L LDS sports a pair of side brushes that sweep pet hair, dust, and debris towards the main roller brush. The C5L's powerful 2,100Pa motor then collects everything, leaving your floors sparkling clean. Double side brushes mean that no dust bunnies in the corner are safe from the C5L LDSs intelligent cleaning power. 


While a robot cleaning your floors is convenience manifest, the CHiQ ROBOT app takes it one step farther. Through the app, you can control your vacuum remotely and schedule cleanings, set spot cleaning areas, no-go areas, and will even remind you when its time to replace brushes and clean the sensors. The vacuum cleaner even supports a Voice Assistant that allows it to integrate seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem.


As for longevity, the C5L LDS has a high-capacity 5200mAh lithium battery which allows it to clean for 100+ minutes per charge—thats 120 square meters of clean floors! And for 'longevity' of a different kind—CHiQ offers a two-year replacement warranty which means that in the rare event that your C5L LDS vacuum Cleaner has an issue, we will replace it with another so you can keep on keeping your home clean.


At CHiQ, we take our mission to alleviate problems and elevate lives seriously. With the C5L LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner, we aimed to create a product that fully automates a classic chore, allowing owners to spend more time on whatever is most important to them.